Derby Chukwudi

Bio: I am Derby Chukwudi, a student of Berea College. I am currently pursuing degrees in Economics and Business Administration. I believe in the transformation of the economic status of African countries especially that of Nigeria. In addition to my hope of developing African countries, I also hope to foster international economic relationships with other developed countries. With this achieved, the world will not only be a better place, but it will also move forward beyond our imagination. Apart from economic development, I believe in upholding the dignity that exists in every human being. I stand as a voice for the voiceless and want every single person on earth to know their worth and capabilities. I do not believe that a college degree and GPA determines how far one will go in life. I believe that excellence begets success and leads one to one's destiny. With this knowledge, I strive each day to be the best I can be at all times. I have been blessed abundantly by God and I understand that to whom much is given , much is expected.

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