What Does it Mean to be Independent?



Fifty-six years ago Nigeria was born

Born just like child without knowing what the future had for her

She evolved and lived under the roofs of her colonial masters

Just like parents she obeyed them believing they knew what was best for her

She adopted their policies and began to try her best to imitate them

Unknown to her, these masters exploited her and provided her with a picture of the future that seemed like the best she would ever have

Meanwhile, that was the worst compared to the best

Naïve and tender, she believed and lived on with them

As years passed, she realized that not only had she been deceived, she had also lost a part of her                                                                                                                                                                           heritage

She had lost practices, culture, language, and of course resources

At this point, she also knew it was not too late to fight for what was hers because she understood that silence equated approval

She gathered her people together and struggled to fight for her independence

Fortunately, the fight was not so difficult compared to some other friends who had engaged in wars and battles for the same purpose

She felt independent after the fight and her people began to use their initiative to rule themselves

There were good times and Nigeria was happy

Sadly, bad times came and Nigeria felt frustrated

She thought after the fight for independence, life would be better

Little did she know that independence was much more than being ruled by her colonial masters

Independence had to with the minds of her people and the situations of the country

She proclaimed that she had obtained independence but her people still suffered, died, and lived in abject poverty

Her country still needed the approval of her colonial masters before she trade could take place

More so her people killed one another and pursued self-interests rather than social interests

It now became evident to Nigeria that though she felt independent, she was actually truly far from independence.

Independence was just a title she had received and supposedly celebrated annually

Now, she decided she will begin her search again for true independence

And the question Nigeria has for her people is

“What does it mean to be truly independent?”


Hello people , please put your thoughts into writings😊

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