He Answered

he answered

We all have certain people around who tell us  ” call me whenever and I’ll be there,” “if you ever need anything just let me know.”
We smile and seem excited, but deep down we know it’s still the same old promises that never were fulfilled
I am one of those people who are surrounded by people who say, “I’ll be there for you anytime, just call, and I’m here to listen.”
I look them in the eye to search certainty in them but can’t figure out if it exists
Okay, I say to myself maybe this one is different.
Though each one is different they all produce the same result. How is that possible?
One of those days I need help I pull a call through all of them and no one picks
Hours and days after, calls come in and their first words are, “oh I’m sorry I was busy.”
Busy! Busy! Busy!
Everyone gets busy when I need them, but they say,” pretty lady you need to be more open” and every time I try to be open I see the busy sign right in my face.
I try to vent off the angry expression of disappointment and they say you need to take it easy you’re overreacting.
Overreacting? Has self-expression turned into overreaction?
They say you need to express yourself and let loose, but when you do they say stop overreacting.
How will you tell me to be open and expect me to be quiet at the same time?
All I hear you say is you don’t need to express too much, suppress some more, and let loose with caution.
How can I let loose with caution that which lives within me?
All I sense is selfishness, no concern, and empathy for the soul that inhabits all the suppressed expressions.
I have found just one who has said I’ll never leave and has stuck close
Sadly, we focus more on man than on this individual
He has promised to love us abundantly but we prefer to seek love in broken places.
Those times when you all were busy he stood there waiting for me to beckon on him
He was patient and did not vex that he wasn’t noticed
He was there all the time and finally I realized that putting hope in man was futile.
For every man has the disappointing system installed in them.
We try to convince ourselves that we don’t all the time, but we lie
We need to accept the truth and stop putting souls into confused situations
This man said if you call upon my name I’ll answer
I contemplated trusting one more different person
I gave excuses but I remembered excuses do not count in life
I’ll rather try than cry
So I called. I pulled a call through and he answered.


Hello people , please put your thoughts into writings😊

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