If a survey to check how many people will give up their lives for Christ went round, what would be the percentage rate?

When I sit down each day to think back on all God has done for me, I begin to ask myself if I really deserved God’s love. He died for me, transferred His glorious power to do all things to me and each day He gives me life. I am deeply overwhelmed at such great compassion and love for me. He is always there even when I ignore His presence. I am tempted each day to ask “what manner of man is this”?

Most times I profess my love for God and render all my love songs, I make promises and even set goals for our relationship. Each day, I realize that I do not show this love, I break those promises and never reach the set goals. More than half of Christians are like me. I go to  places with my friends, shy away from honoring God’s name in their presence and pretend like I’m unaware of who He is in order to fit in.

Just yesterday I picked up my bible and randomly opened to Matthew 10:33 which says,” whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my father who is in heaven”. I was amazed, heartbroken, got down on my knees and wept.

The next day I went about my daily activities and set out to take an evening walk. With my earphones plugged in my ears,  I walked slowly feeling the rhythm of the breeze.  Along the road, a young girl stopped me and said,” I want you to tell Jesus I love Him. I’ve told Him several times, but I want everybody I meet to tell Him that again “. I smiled and nodded in affirmation to do as she had asked. I was so shocked that I had to turn back home. I sat down and pondered on what just occurred. At some point, I felt ashamed that God had to use a little girl to define a true disciple. From that day on, I declared I’d be unashamed for Christ wherever I go. Today, my friends ask the reason for the change of lifestyle ,and my reply is “I’M UNASHAMED FOR CHRIST.”


Hello people , please put your thoughts into writings😊

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