My coming into this world is for a purpose I call DISCOVERY. We are born into families we have no choice over. Some are fortunate to be born into wealth while some poverty. I would not classify those born into poverty as unfortunate rather I would refer to them as the people who are in the best state to discover their destined purpose. It is agreeable  that people who are born into wealth are partially blindfolded to life’s purpose because some of them believe wealth is all that matters. It is only a few who have understood the essence of discovery.

Personally, I believe I have an understanding of this essence and that is why my best word is MORE. What more can be done? What more is in stock for me? What more can I do? Growing up as a child,curiosity burned deeply within me. I always wanted something and not just anything. I wanted to find out my purpose in life and also questioned the reason things happened. I have discovered that through questing for more, the more keeps multiplying to infinity.

There’s a lot more in every situation. Never settle for the average because there is something more than an average. Go into the world and out of your comfort zone. Discover the gold in the sandy soil, and realize that beyond the gold you find on that ground there are diamonds sitting onthe same ground.


One thought on “QUEST FOR MORE

  1. Inspirational!!! May people give up on their dreams because of the vicissitudes of life, but there is more to strive for..


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