I am enveloped with pain each day because of the ignorance of so many people around me.  I may not be the most enlightened in the world but trust me I am not ignorant.  The other day a young girl complained that her parents lacked funds for her fees and so she tagged her family poor. I sighed and moved away.  A rich man’s child says his parents have all the money in the world and so tags them rich.  Is this really correct? Poverty has been limited to money and it is really sad that people have neglected the precious gems for perishable spoils.
Poverty is in the mind. When a person kills his conscience,  comprises his values and does other evil things,  then and only then is the person in abject poverty.  The person lacks the principal things of life. In our world today, morals,values, and good deeds are not recognized.  All that we pursue is money. Many so-called rich people are indeed very poor and so many poor people are very rich, but they are unaware of this.
Dear people wake up from your sleep of ignorance.  Anyone who has virtues, morals, values and does the appropriate things is very rich  and one day those precious endowments will speak for him. But  a man with the world’s wealth who lacks these good deeds is nothing but a poor man.
Money is not the currency of wealth rather virtues and morals are. Do not be deceived,  though everyone is pursuing money and losing their morals and values; do not lose yours because one day the money will go and what will you be left with?  Do not regard yourselves as poor,and if you’re not convinced that you’re not poor wait until everything is gone and see what’s left. Then you’ll realize and appreciate the fact that you guarded the precious gems. Do not kill your conscience and lose your values;  they are your life and riches.


Hello people , please put your thoughts into writings😊

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