Everywhere seems green and bright
But within me something isn’t right
The forces outside seem negative
But inside they seem positive
Everything seems upside down.

I don’t understand ,but I know
Everything depicts a specific thing, but I can’t picture it in my head
Spending hours in bed with shut lids
Rolling like a wood being pushed
Rising up and feeling the weak legs move
Everything seems dead and useless.

I wish I could leave this mood
Because it’s all for no good
This feeling is not a friendly one
Bringing out the feeling of a setting dawn.

I pledge never to oversleep again in my life
Spending more than the required time in bed
Today’s experience is one I never want to replay again
Because it was not to my gain.

I pledge never to remain in my comfort zone for more than a second
It makes me feel like there’s nothing to achieve and fight for.

I pledge never and ever to be lazy in my room again
Because there’s a lot of work to do in this world.
I pledge,  I pledge, I pledge
So help me God!


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