On this day, I stand before you all with honour and amazement. I am pleased to be elected as the people’s president.  This feeling of victory and acceptance is not present because I have assumed a great position, but rather this feeling exists because I have been given the opportunity to serve my people. Service to fellow human beings is more valuable than service to oneself.
Before emerging as president,  a thousand and one people have put their feet into these presidential shoes. Some did well, some did better and some did best. The people expressed their gratitude to their leaders and also expressed their disappointments. This journey is not one full of beds of roses, but it is one full of challenges,  hard work and great expectations.  Everyone who has been here no doubt did something according to their belief system.  Today, I do not desire to give a long speech because my tenure has started running.  Instead of a long speech, I would give you a long ride with me through this position.  I am not here to scrutinize or condemn what our past presidents have done.  All I am here to do is to present myself as a living sacrifice to my people.  I am not perfect but in my imperfection lies perfection from God. I sincerely seek your complete support, cooperation and prayers. I may sit in my office doing a lot of work, but unless you put in your efforts nothing will ever change. We all are a great people with all the skills we need to build a great nation.
I indulge every single father, mother, boy and girl to stand up to your challenges and face them. Fight evil like the world war and speak up for only right things.  Let us work in collaboration and show the world the worth of our nation.
My fellow leaders, the nation depends on you. Do not let these innocent ones down. Life is not all about the fame, money or wealth.  If you obtain all these and let your people down then you have completely failed. Never compromise your people’s interest for trivial and transient possessions.  Remember all those in authority are put there by God.
My people which include parents and children; to your own selves be true. Children value education because if you have knowledge and information you have the greatest weapon ever to change the world. I understand fully how everyone wants to feel among but remember your dignity is more precious than the thoughts of your friends.  Never do anything you do not believe in because one day you’ll never be able to believe in anything.  Hold onto morals, wisdom and understanding.  Also, curiosity kills the cat. Never be too curious to experiment things in life because some experiments come with price tags. Before you do anything ask yourself, ‘Will I be able to bear the consequences? ‘
Dear parents and young couples,  you all hold the future of this nation in your hands. Be mindful of the manner in which you bring up your children.  Children are like eggs, once you place a scar on them, they break and can never be the same again.
Workers do your work as though your life depended on the returns of the work. Neglect pretentious work and put passion into your work.
Great nation! There are a lot of things to say to you all, but these few words carry within them all there is to say.  We all need to work hand in hand to grow. God bless you nation,  God bless you leaders and God bless you all citizens.  The world anticipates your growth and impact.  I usher you all to my tenure of government and pledge that with all my strength I will work together with you all for the benefit of this country.
So help me God, Amen.



  1. “I do not intend to give to give you a long speech because my tenure is running already”… Deep words. Keep up the good work.


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