The child with piercings in her ears

Who  grows fast as the day goes by

She becomes sensitive to her environment

And pick signs as though they speak to her

At age five, it seems like she’s ten

And sometimes she begins to act like mother hen

Especially when she has younger siblings under her

She tries to take care of them at all times

She learns to read, sleep and eat

But as the years go by she sees beyond all those things

She begins to take cognizance of her body

And makes sure she appears like a somebody

She begins to realize her background in the world

That the universe sees her as a servant

That no one believes the girl child can lead

She begins to settle from a good reputation

Time to time she begins to grow

And a time comes when she looks into the mirror

And calls herself beautiful

Then she realizes that her journey has just begun

Graduation from school and seeks a job

Finally getting one, she begins to search for her soul mate

Fortune shines on her and she finds the perfect one

Marriage bells ring and grow dim

Children come forth from her womb

Only then does she realize the essence of womanhood

She wakes to set the table

Care for her children; take care of her husband and herself as well

At work, the files increase and conferences call

In the house, the store is in need of the market

The children in need of the school

With all these, she tries to put a balance

Sometimes she’s so excited but sometimes she’s sad

She wishes she would go back to her

Childhood and begin to grow again

She always renews her love for her family

She loses friends to save her family and integrity

She buries the nagging tongue of hers

And puts up a cheerful face

She sits in front of her mirror again  and whispers


Who is she who does all these things?

She is A WOMAN


Hello people , please put your thoughts into writings😊

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