A man of wisdom is better than a prudent man. If you have wisdom you have an inheritance greater than silver or gold. If I ask many people today about their desires in life, ninety percent of them will ask for transient possessions and only about eight percent will ask for wisdom. The other two percent will be confused on what to ask for. In the bible, it is written’ ask the Lord for wisdom and He will give you’. All around the world, knowledgeable fellows seek wisdom because with wisdom all other things exist. Many people don’t understand what it means to get wise. The dictionary tells us it is the ability to discern from good and evil. Does this mean that anyone who has this ability is wise? Absolutely incorrect! Wisdom has to do with the spiritual and not the physical. A wise person is outstanding, unique and distinct in a gathering. These days are perilous times and only the wise men will survive the challenges.

What does it take to be wise?

  1. You have to be able to see in between scenes. You should be observant enough to understand the deeper meanings of people’s actions. Do not judge by what you see or feel. Your eyes and feelings will deceive you.
  2. You have to receive it from the main source. The Almighty God is the God of wisdom so anyone who seeks wisdom should go to Him.
  3. You should be careful not to fall into little traps set by people to test your wisdom. You ought to show wisdom in your dealings. /li>

Relevance of wisdom

  • With wisdom, you remain the head and not the tail.
  • You will be able to handle and manage resources.
  • You’ll know the next step to take in a situation.
  • You will be able to make decisions that will change lives.

Wisdom is said to be the principal thing in life, receive it and guard it jealously else the foolish ones will snatch it away from you.


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