‘Your qualifications will take you to a place, but your attitude will keep you there”.

Simi is a smart girl who is also from a very rich home. She has all that she wants in excess and attained a high status in high school. Before graduating from high school, her teachers cautioned her about her bad behavior but she felt they were not to be regarded so she continued in her unruly ways. She attended the most prestigious university in the country and graduated the best in her class. Her academic success blinded her from the reality of character’s essence. She applied for a job and was called for an interview. Prior to the time of the interview, a lady mistakenly poured a glass of water on her. Simi not only yelled but also rained curses on her. Unknown to Simi, her interviewers watched all that had occurred. When it was her to turn to be interviewed, she was told her interview had already taken place when the lady mistakenly spilled a drink on her. They also told her that her character exposes her qualification, hence, she lost the job instantly. She felt really sad and wished she had listened to her teachers earlier.

Attitude is the reflection of our true selves

Its roots are inward, but its fruits are outward

It is our best friend or our worst enemy

It is more honest and consistent than our world

It is a future outlook based on past experiences

It draws people to us or repels them

It is never content until it is expressed

It is the librarian of our past

It is the speaker of our present

It is the prophet of our future.


3 thoughts on “ATTITUDE

  1. Attitude is indeed everything. If it determines ones altitude, why not ensure you have it in abundance; it makes a great difference between individuals. With the right attitude, you are better loved and easily accepted anywhere you go, because your attitude will naturally pull people towards you.


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