This rainy Friday, I was in the company of my friends: Daniel, David, Anjiola, Boro, Efe,  Onome and so on. Each of these people had something doing to earn income and to build their future. David is into modeling as well as Anjiola, Onome is a makeup artist, Efe a music and beat producer…  I looked at myself and asked, “What I was into?” I could not reply myself. I realized that I had spent a lot of time doing nothing tangible, chilling with friends and all while my peers were busy searching for headway in their various fields. I felt bad, had a headache and could not sleep. I began to think and  finally discovered that I had not done certain things because I had chosen not to. A quiet voice spoke to me saying ‘it is foolishness to have knowledge and not use it’. So I took my stuff and went to a serene place and began to work on my writings and other  things I would love to become in future.

My dear readers especially the youngsters do not be blinded by the present situation you are in because you never can tell what tomorrow has in stock for you. Never put your life in today’s possession but work for tomorrow. There is nothing in life that cannot be achieved except you choose not to achieve it.


Hello people , please put your thoughts into writings😊

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