The entire world is a stage where variety of views can be listened to and meditated upon. One view that strikes me so much is the view of peer pressure. Why do people suffer from peer pressure? Someone once said that ‘peer pressure is “realer” than reality’ in order to emphasize its genuine existence. It baffles me greatly how this peculiar pressure affects every single age group from the teenagers to the old people.

Peer pressure is a feeling that sets in a mind of a person in order to convince the person that he or she is not worthy to be original in personality or proud of his or her personality.  Once this feeling sets in, the person begins to deviate from the normal pattern of living to living in an abnormal way. There will be significant changes in the way the person speaks, dresses, walks, talks and so on, basically because the individual wants to blend into a group or clique.

“Why must this pressure supersede man’s ability to make a decision for him?”  Why can’t man say “I love myself the way I am, I need to be different and unique at all times”? These questions have filled my mind for a few years now. Today millions of people are not living their lives rather they are living other people’s lives which implies these people are missing great opportunities to reach their dreams. In Africa a lot has been observed concerning this social issue. Everybody wants to be like Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Rihanna, etc. nobody wants to bring a change to the conventional way of living. Everyone is moving straightforwardly through the path of life and there are great signs of myopic thoughts about life. Do not get me wrong, having role models is awesome but they should not be an excuse for people living a fake life full of pretense and fallacy.

Peer pressure although quite difficult to overcome can still be controlled through applying the following:

  • Finding your purpose in life will help you determine the type of friends you keep and the decisions you make. Realize that aimless people end up with the wrong set of people  and this leads to peer pressure.
  • Expressing your thoughts and feelings to people especially elderly ones will help you a lot from being influenced by your peers. That’s why elderly ones exist; they are here to help us through life’s journey.

Peer pressure is not a big deal but can be a big deal when not attacked promptly. Stay focused and peer pressure will be off the stage of your life.


Hello people , please put your thoughts into writings😊

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