A young girl once felt extremely hated and abandoned in her family especially by her mother because she never had a clinging mother – daughter moment. She always cried and wished for a better relationship with her family members, more time with her mother, more care and affection. Daily after school she would quietly walk into the house hoping that one day her mother would ask about her welfare in school along with the challenges that she was facing. Alas! Her hopes were shattered each day and this led to her self-withdrawal. Everybody felt she had become better behaved but their views were so myopic that they could not see the damage that had occurred in her life. She felt more dejected having discovered that all her efforts to capture her family’s attention were in vain. Her mind was in a state of chaos and she pondered deeply on what she could do in order to crack the shell of neglect and insensitivity in her family.

Finally, she decided to go into hard drugs, immoral acts and kept late nights. A lot of bad reports trooped into her parent’s house and indeed they were greatly disturbed. Unfortunately, all these acts she carried out to grab their attention did not achieve anything but rather worsened it as they left her fate in the hands of God and neglected her the more. She took a step further in her evil deeds hoping that this time her intention and prayers will be answered. She joined a cult group in school and on the day of their first operation, they killed two people and they all were arrested by the police. During her interrogation, she requested that her parents be made available for her to speak to them. Her parents arriving with words of anger and contempt had not finished their rebuking speech when she made them understand that all she did was basically to get their attention. She emphasized the eagerness with which she had the need for care, affection, concern and time with her parents and this was lacking in her life. All these put together reflects one major thing the girl needed and that is love. Every single person in the world needs someone to listen to them, someone to care for them, show them great affection and love. Love is not about the material aspect but the immaterial aspect. Most people use these physical things to cover up the great need to be loved. Love is the greatest gift a man can offer to another man. Love all and save lives from dejection, evil doings and regrettable lifestyles.


Hello people , please put your thoughts into writings😊

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