A lot of times, all we hear our parents talk to us about is how we ought to study hard at school and get good grades. This boorish orientation has had a deleterious effect on young people. All they do in school is study and they end up neglecting the essence of life. Ingenium is a Latin word meaning ‘talent’. So many young people have been deceived into believing that life is complete only when their grades are complete. Don’t get this twisted, we all should never settle for less in our academic life but we should never forget that within us lies a great well of talents.

Beyond the classroom what are your passions? Many youths out there have indirectly killed their passions because of wrong orientation. Let us all remember that God who created the universe cherishes  variety of functions so if we all have good grades only where’s the variety that pleases God?

Ingenium is a platform established to let people know that beyond the classroom lays the ocean of ideas that make up our talents. I want to be a successful and impactful economist but beyond the classroom, my passions are to become a model, a blogger, a motivational speaker, dancer and so much more.  Everyone has got talents but not all are aware that they have these talents.

Go deep down in your mind, discover your talents and develop it. Life is not all about the grades but also the utilization of the ideas we are born with.



Hello people , please put your thoughts into writings😊

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