dreamsre real


Everyone has a dream and most times very big dreams too. Some people may dream small but majority of the world’s population dream big and sometimes I am moved to ask how many of these dreams get achieved.

Every single day I meet with at least five youngsters and at some point of our discussion we all begin to talk about our big dreams, passions and goals. I am always amazed at such great dreams and I feel encouraged that the world is full of talented fellows who have great dreams to become different persons in future.

Ironically, the present life facts do not correspond and reflect the dreams of these youngsters.

Reality shoes a different view of the lives of these dream filled youths. Today, many youths are drug addicts, thieves, idle and so on. It is so sad that the same youths who marveled at what great dreams they had now live below their expectation.

My question for these youths is why do they have good dreams but yet never achieve them? Do they get discouraged, lazy, indifferent or neglect these dreams? We all have our dreams and love our dreams but we all should keep in mind that dreamers remain static until they act. It is not enough to dream but it is better off to live your dreams. When we live our dreams, we bring reality into our lives.



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