What is change? Change means different things to different people but what does change mean to you? Is it when your child turns a new leaf in character or when you get a new car? Personally, change is simply a turnaround in a normal situation. It involves making a difference in something regular and random. Everyone loves change be it physical, psychological or emotional. People attract the kind of change they desire. A negative person obviously will attract negative changes and vice versa.

In Nigeria today, everyone hopes General Buhari, the newly elected president will bring great change to Nigeria. To Nigerians, change is replacing an old president with a new president. We should focus on other factors that affect change in order to see change occur.

First, we should identify the error that has remained in Nigeria’s leadership system. If the error still exists no matter the good efforts put into the growth of Nigeria, change will never occur.

Nigerians should take up responsibility for themselves. The moment Nigerians realize that they have the power to rule the world only then will change occur.

Corruption and bribery seem to be the greatest cause of failure in Nigeria but we seem to forget the root of this evil called failure. Little acts become deadly habits and this is exactly what is holding Nigeria down. The family though the smallest unit in the society is the greatest unit in a society. Nigerian families now live pretentious lives. They claim to have value but reverse is the case in their homes. For instance, a mother condemning a young girl who dressed inappropriately but her daughter does the same thing and she doesn’t reprimand her.

There are a lot of aspects in Nigeria to be cleared up and worked on before change will ever occur and this needs the integral efforts of individuals. Nigerians need to persevere, persist and hold on for the greatest benefit. Nothing good comes easy and as gold goes through hot fire so does Nigeria have to go through great refining to become a great country.

Nigerians are a great people but before their greatness can be shown to the world, change has to occur.


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