A little girl once sat under a tree pondering on life’s wavering nature. She asked:

Why do good people dismiss their engagements on earth suddenly?

Why does equality not exist in the life of everyone in terms of opulence and status?

Why do people act with animosity even when dealing with their best of friends?

Why do certain people get into prestigious colleges while others are denied admission?

Why do we have various racial and tribal frictions?

Why do some people succeed while others suffer the pains of failure?

Why are certain people tagged as brilliant people while others are tagged as dull people?

Why are some people fair  in complexion while others are dark in complexion?

Why are some people creative while others are not?

Why does God not come down from heaven to speak to us physically?

Too many ‘WHY QUESTIONS’. This little girl couldn’t continue seeking answers to these puzzling questions , so she stopped asking the questions.

Who can answer these questions? All we can do at the moment is to watch life unfold its enigmatic nature and reveal the answers to the ‘WHY QUESTIONS’.



One thought on “WHY?

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