When I was a child,I always looked around for what I could do to make a place better. Sometimes , I tried to figure out what I would be in future in order to make great changes. In grade six, I always said I would become an accountant so that I could manage the accounts of my country. I thought I had found my dream but that was just a drop of an idea compared to a well full of ideas laid in stock for me.

After six years in high school, many people expected me to make a decision on the course I wanted to study . However, I felt a need for something more than just a major but a total picture that would reflect my life’s goal. As such, I thought of many things I would love to do. I want to be a renowned Economist, World Bank Governor,a motivational speaker,a dancer,a singer and an actress. I want to do so much but two questions are laid in my heart; What would I major in that will bring a great change to the world at large and what do you find great joy in? I seemed a little bit confused as I felt I  found joy in everything I had listed. With a less myopic view of all my interests, I saw where the big picture of my future laid. It laid on my desire to study Economics and to become a motivational speaker.

In African countries, the rate of inflation is so high,the national income of these countries so low that even the citizens shiver with great fear of what would become of them in a few years from now. Every day the gap between the rich and poor widens, the consumption rate is so high yet the production rate is so low. For example, in Nigeria the GDP real growth rate is about eight percent , in Cameroon the real growth rate is three percent and looking deeply into the statistics of the GDP growth rate in African countries, I found out that the highest growth rate is not more than ten percent. This report on the economic state of these African countries is not good enough and the government as well as the people are aware of these problems but yet continue in their old ways. I have stopped many times to ask myself why these people act in ignorance. We have a lot of economists but yet we feel little impact of their actions. A professor onced referred to Africa’s economy as tragic that is why I desire to bring change to this great continent after studying Economics.

Also, I am a teenager in the 21st century and I am aware of the declining state of moral values in the lives of teenagers. Many of these children have low self-esteem, no moral values and lack self-confidence. Because of all these, they engage in shameful acts. Many teenagers have been robbed off their good mindset which has left them without a conscience. My grandmother once commented on the lives of teemagers saying,’ all they think about is fun,unnecessary pleasures and vices present in the world. They fail to think ahead of time, they forget that they live for generations to come and they live in a pool of ignorance. In someplace each day,each week,each month and each year, we lose the future leaders of tomorrow, the great world changers and the workforce of the world’. Letting these talents disappear when they can be preserved is not good enough and that is why I believe I can make a great change in the lives of teenagers by speaking words of wisdom, confidence and encouragement. Aside contributing to the economic development of African countries, I am consumed with the state of today’s youth in my world. I intend to aid in reducing the immoral acts that exists in the lives of many youths by becoming a motivational speaker.

Upon graduation, I believe a robust environment , filled with the afore mentioned engagement will prepare me to take on the world armed with strong economic principles and extra talents of leadership. It is my plan to fulfill my lifetime goal , a goal I believe would change the world at large. My goal to revitalize the ailing ecomony of African countries and to retrieve talents which are misled from the pit of destruction.


2 thoughts on “MY DREAM

  1. Nice work Ozzy. Beautiful articles. Keep d work rolling in. May ur inspirations wax stronger and ur goals be accomplished.


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