On The Heavy Weight Of Living.

Y’KNOW; the temperamental waitress, the grumpy clerk, the annoying boss, even the misunderstood highschooler.
The millions of sadistic faces who are up bright and early for their daily races. Void of expression, bleak, soulless, and mindless drones buzzing in and out of the days of their lives.
You can’t blame them really. If I’m being very honest, it’s not their fault, it never is. They are under what I call The Weight Of Living.
Yes, that eternal burden that we call life. That condition all humans are faced with, living; with or without reason.
The point to life is that there is no point. We are either happy with it at some point or we’re not. Would it be easier if there was a right way of doing things? No, IT WOULDN’T. There is no right way. Just keep living, that’s all.
There is no easy way through it. Yes, everyone deserves to be happy ,but, no matter how happy a person becomes there’ll always be an albatross; that dark, heavy cloud filled with problems looming above, waiting for a time when all seems to be well to pour out every bane of life.
Is it supposed to be that way? Hardly.
We all have an albatross, something that can bring us down at any time or at all times. This is the reason why some people seem happier than others. However, there’s a way.
You see that your dark cloud? Let it rain down all your troubles. That’s the solution.
You don’t have to live your entire life angry for any reason. Sure, there’ll be problems, but the sort of damage they do to you depends on how you handle them.
So smile. Serve your tables with joy, attend to customers gleefully, be nice to your employees, do your homework happily.
Shake off that heavy weight of life.


2 thoughts on “On The Heavy Weight Of Living.

  1. Strong willed.
    This is the first thought that ran through my mind as I read over your piece. Keep up and you’ll build your “Rome.”
    Good luck


  2. Just in case you were wondering, an albatross (noun) is a very large, chiefly white oceanic bird with long,narrow wings, found mainly in the southern oceans. In the not-so-literal sense it is a source of frustration or guilt; an encumbrance, if you will (as used in the post).
    Thanks for reading!


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