I am probably one of the few people who believe that fear is not a part of human existence, and that those who fear tend to lose certain attributes of humanity. With this belief, I ventured into many affairs courageously and because of this, I was labelled as the most confident head girl in my year.

It is not that I do not care about anything. I just never let fear make me care about every single thing.

One evening, my dad came back from the market where he’d bought ingredients to prepare a local soup. I was in my room watching television while my elder sister was busy tutoring her student. I walked up to my sister and reminded her to prepare the local soup for my dad but she replied in opposition. I ignored her reply and returned to my room. After a few minutes, my dad called me to prepare the soup. I was shocked because I had never prepared the soup before. Slowly, I walked to the kitchen but I did not let fear consume me. I began to prepare the soup and after an hour the soup was ready. I was relieved and happy that I did not let fear intimidate me.To my greatest surprise my dad loved the soup.

I had marched in unafraid in the preparation of the local soup and I was indeed successful in the end. I finally realized that to make it to the top, I need to be confident, brave and courageous.


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