Music seems to be a world full of life which combined the intersection of voices and instruments. I always sang although I could barely strike a good note. Sometimes my friends would laugh at the cacophonous sounds that were expelled from my lips but yet I did not fret.

I joined the school choir,learnt a lot of songs and in tenth grade, many of my friends left the choir because of the demands for practice but I remained. As a chorister, I always participated in presentations within and outside the school.

The school needed a limited number of people to make a presentation , so there had to be an audition. I did not know what song I could sing, in fact I was scattered in thoughts.Since I admired Adele, I chose to sing one of her songs. I was amazed at harmonious sound that came out of my mouth.

Singing not only gave me pleasure but also prepared me academically. One day, we had a test and I had a lot of things to learn. To my greatest surprise, I started learning all the things through singing and when the results came out, I had passed the test. If not for singing I probably would have failed the test.

Since I walked into singing as an activity, I have been able to do many things. I seem so engrossed into this act that I have been taking piano lessons to increase my love for music.


3 thoughts on “MY LOVE FOR MUSIC

  1. Did you ever use that in one of your college essays? Your blog is pretty good. How many visitors have you had on here so far?


  2. You write very well and your use of vocabulary is amazing. Music plays a very big role in life and I strongly believe.


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