The thoughts of a long time experience seem clouded right now but the pieces of memories return together at once, appearing vividly as though this experience were occurring in the present time.Several years ago, a young girl of six years old struggled with her greatest enemy. This enemy, Mathematics, haunted her every academic year to the extent that she ignored examination questions on Mathematics simply because she lacked the understanding she needed to tackle the questions. She managed each year to escape the dreadful enemy’s wrath which could make her fail and repeat a class. Although she sought academic assistance sometimes, she felt she was misunderstood by her teachers.”How can you say you cannot solve this question? To understand Mathematics you must understand English. Keep reading the question until you understand the English in the Mathematics”, said one of her teachers. Completely drained of all the hope in her after such a response, she slipped away from the teacher’s side

Many times, she tried to teach herself but how could she teach what she did not know or understand? The young girl’s performance in Mathematics was static. With the hope that she would escape her enemy in her fourth grade final examination, she wrote her examination as she had always done before. The reverse was the case this term, the enemy caught her right in the neck and she failed. This lass was me.

I failed Mathematics woefully beyond my imagination. Failing to conquer my enemy brought so many negative remarks and consequences. I can vividly remember someone say to me that the following year would be worse off. I was devastated, pained and extremely sad. I wished I could disappear into thin air immediately. I felt as though an extra name had been added to my other names- Failure. All I could do then was to accept my fate because crying could not change my score in Mathematics.The following academic session was to begin in three months, but I was not in a hurry to study. I spent most of my time resting and reflecting. I was reflecting one warm afternoon when suddenly I heard a voice but I saw no one. Yes, I did hear a voice which said,” it is not over until it is over”. Where did the voice come from? This I did not know but all I knew then was that I heard a voice. Not until later did I realize that the voice I heard came from within me. I was amazed at such a statement and indeed it was true,it was not over. I still had two academic years to defeat my enemy, Mathematics. It was then I discovered that the word ‘fail’ meant ‘first attempt in learning’. I beamed with joy, because I had a second chance to prove my enemy wrong. I decided to put in all my effort and bring out the best out of my enemy so we could become friends. Step by step, I travelled through the road of Mathematics successfully and ended up being the best student in Mathematics in the sixth grade.In this life, I realized that without failure , we cannot move on greater places meant for us. Failure is not a good omen but failure can lead to a good omen. I have failed once but I did not remain in failure. Through this experience, I discovered that I could achieve anything only if I worked hard. Years passed in high school, I was focused and determined to be the best in everything I did. I impacted into many lives by talking about my experiences along with how I overcame failure and regularly helping people make right decisions in different situations, I was tagged as the best adviser in my class. The reward of overcoming failure academically was excellence as I was crowned the valedictorian of my class.



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