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A lot of diverse young people exist on planet earth with great dreams and goals but unfortunately, these dreams are cut short because of a voracious creature that has come to manifest destruction in our world today.

A lot of people wonder where this creature arose from and what its exact aim is in the world but the invisibility of this creature darkens the possibility to trace its origin. The funny thing is that this creature that seems so new, sophisticated and nefarious is common in every part of the world. The big fish which has not failed to destroy young minds of the world is LOW SELF-ESTEEM.

A million ways to eliminate low self-esteem have been stated but how  it comes into one’s mind is an enigma that appears abstruse. All hope is not lost as there are a whole lot of thinking minds out there trying to figure out this great puzzle.

One major factor that promotes the existence of this big fish is the family. The type of family a child is born into determines the type of esteem that  child will have. For instance, In Africa, there have been so many cases of children who have been disparaged by their family members to the extent that they have lost all hope in themselves and this has created so many problems in their lives. One good thing is that certain children can withstand this negative treatment and move on with life but a whole lot of children find it difficult to do the same, which makes this issue  a global concern.

Peer groups are really cool groups but to the world’s dismay, they are the next major cause of low self-esteem. Children attend different schools, come from different homes and backgrounds. These diverse groups of children meet at different places and discuss so many things. In the bid to share experiences , some feel oppressed by the stories of others and are pushed to do things they’ve never done before like smoking, drinking, indecent dressing and other undisciplined acts.

Some psychologists view the problem as that of a mind problem. The child who has been belittled will turn his thinking from the normal way he used to think to a new way in order to fit into his peer group or other people’s standards.

Indeed, this is a big problem which causes a lot of detrimental effects on the child such as; extreme thinking, depression, lack of appetite, inferiority complex, insomnia and so on.

Gladly, every problem always has a solution. Children should speak confidently to themselves reassuring themselves that they are great people and strong enough to face the world. Also, they should stick to the principles( good) they have set for themselves no matter what people think. With these above mentioned solutions, the problem can be gradually reduced.

” The saddest truth and reality in life is that low self-esteem kills faster than any disease in the world”.

– Chukwudi Derby



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