Alert!!!! Deadly Disease Outbreak In Africa, EBOLA VIRUS

e ebola

I urge everyone to take a minute to read through this write up with care. Ebola virus  is a virus that has killed a lot of people within a short period of time. This disease is one that should be prevented since there seems to be no cure. Below are fews steps to adhere to in order to prevent contacting the disease;

– Maintain personal hygiene

. Wash hands frequently with soap.

. Make use of hand sanitizers

. Avoid sharing clothes

– Be careful not to get punctured by infected sharp objects

– Cook bush meat  properly or rather avoid eating bush meat

–  Buy fruits from clean places

The symptoms are just like the symptoms  of normal illnesses such as; fever, headache,sneezing,high body temperature and so on.

The sources of the Ebola virus include; chimpanzees , monkeys, fruit bats, porcupines ,etc.

N.B : one can be infected but not infectious. Until after two to twenty-one (2-21) days when symptoms begin to show, one is not infectious.

Keep praying for everybody, one love , one family, one world!


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