Beyond oil, what’s next?

Beyond the sun lies the moon, beyond the moon lies the stars, beyond the stars lies the sky, so beyond oil,what’s next?

It is amazing to discover that Nigerians have been so myopic to believe that beyond oil nothing exists. It is true that crude oil which was discovered in Oloibiri in the early nineties has been of great advantage to Nigeria . In fact, crude oil accounts for over seventy percent of Nigeria’s national income. Does this now make us depend on crude oil solely that we are deceived to believe that crude oil is the only valuable endowment?

A lot of resources exist beyond the life cycle of crude oil. We fail to realize this because of our dependence on crude oil. Our cherished black gold,crude oil will someday run out ,should Nigerians allow their other resources run out just like our black gold will soon run out?

Diversification is the gateway for a better life in Nigeria. In Nigeria , we have so many sectors such as; the agricultural sector, industrial sector, mining sector, music and fashion industry,etc.  With all these sectors we can see that crude oil is only a compression of greatness for Nigeria .

Nigerians should realize that beyond oil, there are greater sectors awaiting development

-Chukwudi  Derby


2 thoughts on “Beyond oil, what’s next?

  1. This article is very inspiring. We, Nigerians only depend on our crude oil forgetting that we have other useful resources. This aricle has just brightened our knowledge on the other things we have that can bring great income to our country Nigeria. Thank you very much Derby Chukwudi


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